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What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Do Cincinnati homes need sewer camera inspections?

LiteHouse Services Group LLC performing a Sewer Camera Inspection
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A sewer camera inspection uses a video camera attached to a push rod cable to examine the home’s sewer line. This privately-owned pipeline leads from the house to the septic tank or publicly owned main sewer line. Sewer camera inspections can reveal damage to the pipes, blockages, and other problems. It can also spot potential problem areas before they develop into serious issues or hazards. After the inspection, clients will receive a report with findings and recommendations. This allows homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers to act before extensive damage, health issues, or the need for expensive repairs.

Sewer responsibility drawing

In most cases, the sewer line running from the home to the city main sewer tap is the homeowner's financial responsibility.  These repairs can run in the thousands of dollars. We advise our clients to rule out any pending expensive repairs by adding a sewer camera inspection as an additional service to their standard home inspection.

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