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Septic System Inspections

Why should I get the septic tank and sewage lines inspected?

Septic tank inspection

Are you concerned about the presence of a septic tank at a home you are considering for purchase? Our septic inspectors can provide you with assurance and aid in making informed decisions regarding a property equipped with a septic system.

In residences without access to municipal sewer systems, households either possess privately-owned sewer laterals connecting to the main municipal line or rely on private septic systems. A significant portion of the greater Cincinnati area utilizes separate septic systems, making it common to encounter well-maintained homes with individual wastewater systems.

Given the significance of a septic system in a home, it is crucial to assess its maintenance condition and identify any potential repairs needed. At LiteHouse Inspect, our licensed and certified septic inspectors conduct comprehensive, non-invasive inspections of septic tanks and system components, offering insights into the condition for your future home.

A properly installed and regularly serviced septic tank typically has a lifespan of 25-30 years. It is essential to inquire about the system's age and past maintenance practices. Depending on the outcomes of the professional evaluation, you can make informed decisions, such as negotiating the home price or requesting necessary repairs from the owner before finalizing the deal.

A typical septic tank

At LiteHouse Inspect, our Cincinnati septic inspectors conduct comprehensive and non-invasive examinations of the septic tank system and its various components. A detailed professional septic inspection report encompasses the following details:
   Identification of the manufacturer and age of the sewer line or septic tank, if discernable.
   Assessment of the overall condition of the system, ensuring proper installation and identifying any potential contamination risks.
   Identification of any warning signs that may suggest a lack of maintenance or improper upkeep.

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