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Why Does Your Bathroom Need An Exhaust Fan?

Updated: Apr 4

If you're not using an exhaust fan every time you shower, you should. If you have one but it's broken, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. The bathroom exhaust fan removes excess moisture, odors, and stale air. Without it, bacteria and fungi thrive.

Is an Exhaust Fan Necessary

How does a Bathroom Exhaust Fan work?

Switch On, Moisture Gone

When you flip the switch on your bathroom exhaust fan, the air is released from the room through a vent that exits through the roof or an outlet on the exterior side of your home.

Style Meets Function

There are a variety of bathroom exhaust fan installations available that include different functions and styles to not only suit the aesthetics of your bathroom but also enhance the function of the fan.

Smart Ventilation

Some fans have a timer that sets the ventilation system to run for a set amount of time. Other fans include humidity sensors that automatically turn on when the humidity level in your bathroom exceeds a certain threshold.

Why You Need to Use Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan Every Time You Shower.

Protect Your Walls & Plumbing

Without proper ventilation, your steamy shower can wreak havoc on your bathroom walls and plumbing. Paint and wallpaper peel when the air is too humid, and excess moisture can lead to wood rot and structural damage as it softens drywall.

Keep the Fungus Among Us at Bay

In bathrooms with too much humidity, there is a higher risk of mold and mildew. This can happen in your walls or start growing in your bathtub and shower.

Stop Spores From Going Airborne

Mold spores are also airborne, meaning they can be carried out of the bathroom and into other parts of the home, causing respiratory illnesses. Using your exhaust fan reduces the risk of mold spores spreading and the respiratory illnesses they can bring.

Dry Up Disease

A dry bathroom is a healthy bathroom. Excess moisture is a playground for bacteria, but with your exhaust fan, you can keep your space sanitary and your family safe from water-borne diseases.

Schedule Your Cincinnati, OH Home Inspection Today!

The inspectors at LiteHouse Inspect check for proper ventilation in all bathrooms we inspect.

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