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What’s that stain on the ceiling and what can you do about it?

LiteHouse ceiling inspection

You’re walking through a home, falling in love until you look up and spot an ugly, dark mark on the ceiling. Your heart sinks thinking about the cost of a new roof. Ugh, who’s been there? Well, there’s still hope for ugly ceilings.

Did you know a roof can be completely secure and a home could still get watermarks and other damage to the ceiling? The culprit: Improper ventilation in the home. The home’s exhaust system aids in removing excess moisture in a home. Moisture comes from water vapor created by cooking, clothes washing, bathing, human breathing and perspiration. These actions can account for an average daily production of 25 pounds (11.3 kg) of water vapor in a typical family-of-four dwelling, according to InterNACHI. In order to keep a home’s atmosphere safe and balanced, all exhaust systems must vent directly to the outside of a home.

It is not uncommon for our home inspectors to find exhaust systems, especially bathroom exhausts, vented directly into the attic. Overtime, the heating and cooling of the outside climate combined with improper attic ventilation can cause condensation to occur on rafters which can leach through insulation, eventually promoting mold growth and causing damage to ceiling drywall.

During a home attic inspection, our inspectors are sure to look in the attic and investigate all exhaust systems to discover their termination point. Next time you’re unsure about an odd ceiling mark, just consult your local Cincinnati Home Inspector at LiteHouse Services Group LLC and we’ll be happy to “uncover” the truth about what's “covering” your head.

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