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Do Home Inspectors take credit cards?

Q: Do Home Inspectors take credit cards?

Is it possible to pay for a Home Inspection with a credit card? Do most or any Cincinnati Home Inspectors take credit card payment? ...Sure would nice to get airline miles based on my inspection purchase!

Most home inspectors do and that is often built into their pricing structure or they'll charge a fee for the privilege. At LiteHouse Services Group LLC, we accept credit cards and consider the fees as a cost of doing business. The benefit and convenience that it offers to our valued clients far out weighs the expense. Various home inspection companies operate at different profit margins, even though home inspections seem expensive, the cost of your home inspection is very small compared to the amount of money that you are likely paying for your home. This smaller charge will often make it a great option to earn your points or cash back on your credit card. At we also accept PayPal and Venmo payment options.

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