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What Do We Mean By Exposed Fasteners On The Roof?

Updated: Oct 21

For many of our home inspections in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas, we often comment on exposed fasteners on the roof.

Usually these fasteners are covered with a caulking or sealant and it is a common condition used by many roofers to complete their jobs.

But is it correct and what should we do about it?

We often see this done to fasten the last cap shingle or to secure flashings to the roof. In most cases, the roofers should have tried to cover the fasteners with the roofing material.

How to maintain the sealant

Although it is common to find this type of sealant on roof fasteners, eventually, the sun and environment will cause the sealant to deteriorate or degrade over time.


Annual Monitoring

Every year, the homeowner should have the sealed fasteners inspected.

This is to ensure that the sealant is still viable and doing its intended job. If the sealant fails, moisture will be able to intrude into the roof deck structure and can lead to future issues including mold and material rot.

Reapply as Needed

If the sealant has deteriorated, it should be reapplied by a qualified person to protect and ensure the longest possible life for your roof.

At LiteHouse Services Group LLC, our licensed Ohio Home Inspectors check every roof for these conditions and more; and will report and recommend appropriate measures to protect your home. Call us today at 513-800-0347, to schedule your Cincinnati or Dayton area Home Inspection.

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