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Do Home Inspectors Go On The Roof?

Is it a requirement?

Cincinnati home inspectors do not need to go on the roof. Most home inspectors follow standards of practice that don't require them to go on the roof. This can be very confusing for most customers because it is a home system that is very important. Standards of practice say this so that the inspector can use common sense before stepping on sloping and unsafe ground. Unfortunately, because of this standard, many companies drive small SUVs or even sedans that cannot carry more than a small ladder.

Should you have to walk on the roof?

Should the home inspector go on the roof? Absolutely. In our trucks we have 28 foot extension ladders. This will allow us to reach most of the roofs on second floor homes. As mentioned above, we keep our inspector's safety top of mind. We will walk the roof as long as the climb and surface is safe. There are many small things that are very difficult to see if they cannot be seen while on the surface. There is no substitute for the information available from the actual presence on the roof.

At LiteHouse Services Group LLC, our inspectors are certified and licensed drone pilots. This means that even if the conditions are unsafe for our inspector to walk the roof, we will still spend the time to get up close pictures and evidence of any issues that may affect the roof system.

It can be argued that a leak can be found through an inspection of the attic. We agree with this statement, however once a leak is discovered in the attic, it has done more damage to the structure and possibly the material underneath than if it was discovered earlier. When we go on the roof, or inspect with our drones, we can spot problems before serious issues occur. These issues can include loss of shingle tabs, exposed nail heads, and flashing worries. Protect your home with inspectors who are committed to getting up close and personal with the roof.

Protect your home with a Cincinnati home inspection by LiteHouse Services Group LLC.

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