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Moving to Loveland, OH

Considering a move to Loveland, OH?  Not only do we provide top rated home inspections in Loveland, we've also taken some time to gather some important (and fun!) information for you below.  Review the page, then when you are ready; reach out to LiteHouse Inspect for your Loveland home inspection needs!

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Key Demographics

  • Population - >13,145

  • Median Home Value - $222,859

  • Owner Occupied - >71%

  • Recreational Community

  • Avg Household Income - >$75,142



  • Visit the Great Schools page to learn more about Loveland Schools.


Homes for Sale

  • Click here to see current homes for sale in Loveland.

LiteHouse Services Group LLC provides some of the most thorough and detailed home inspections in Loveland, OH.  Our home inspectors inspect condominiums, single family homes, homes on basements, crawlspaces and slabs; all found in Loveland, OH.  From older farm houses to new builds, let LiteHouse Inspect provide your Loveland, OH home inspection today!  Click below to learn more.

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